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In order to provide Services, the User’s data, Contact Information and Account data is used and other if necessary.

This data is necessary to verify the User’s identity, conclude and fulfil the Agreement, ensure money deposits and withdraws, send daily summaries and notices about cash deposits, to provide any related services arising from Agreement and/or any promotional campaigns, not only but also for cost estimation and analyses of marketing campaigns, as well as prevent fraud and abuse of services. The personal data processing is based on the conclusion and fulfilment of the Agreement and compliance with such legitimate interests of The Global Aims as informing the User about the activity, protection of its rights and interests in case of a dispute.

In order to provide Services and conclude the Agreement, Iban can send registration reminders to Users, who have not completed the registration process via e-mail.

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  • Foreclosure consultant Human resource consulting
  • Employment consultant Environmental consultant
  • Immigration consultant, Information consulting
  • Consultant pharmacist Creative consultant

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